General Terms and Conditions 


Requirements to the lessee

To rent a car from us you must be at least 23 years old and have a valid driving license for at least 5 years (60 months). We would also like to inform you that additional restrictions are possible at the discretion of the company in case of doubtful, invalid, depreciated (worn out), and/or illegible documents, insufficient driving experience, etc.

When renting, the original driver's license must be provided, which must be valid at the date of renting the car and throughout the rental period. If it is issued by the Republic of Bulgaria, a control coupon must be provided with it. If the driver's license is issued by a country outside the European Union, it is necessary for drivers to have an international one issued or a legalized translation of their national driver's license and also in the original. Otherwise, it is impossible and illegal to rent a car. All citizens of the countries of the European Union and Switzerland can use their national driver's license to rent a car in Bulgaria. Each driver is also required to provide an original identity document according to their national citizenship for identification! 

Rental period

The minimum rental period is 2 days (48 hours). For delivery and/or release in another city and/or travel abroad, the minimum is 5 days. When the trip is to 1 neighboring country, the surcharge is € 70.00 - added to the rent, for each other neighboring country of Bulgaria the tax is € 35.00 per country. Traveling to other countries other than Bulgaria's neighbors is possible only after coordination and prior approval by "EDI RENT A CAR BULGARIA". In such cases, individual pricing is applied. Restrictions to some countries are also possible! The deposit is doubled when traveling abroad. If the vehicle is returned after the expiration of the contract without prior notice with confirmed written consent by the lessor, the customer is charged as follows: to 4 hours - half daily rent; from 4 to 8 hours - the rental price for one day, over 8 hours - the triple amount of the daily rent applied per day, for each following day. 

Early termination of the rental

In cases where the customer decides to return the rented car earlier than the date specified in the contract, he must notify us at least 48 hours before the return and will receive up to 50% of the daily rent summed up for the remaining unused days in the contract. When this agreement is not met, we reserve the right to withhold the full amount for unused days under the contract. For the months of June, July and August amounts for unused days of the contract are not refunded if the client has not notified his intentions at least 7 (seven) days in advance. Early return does not cancel the obligation of the Renter to return the rental car during working hours at the place specified in the agreement. 

Car rental extension 

If the RENTER wishes to extend the period of the agreement, they shall state this in writing, at least 48 hours before the expiration of the agreement. The RENTER may extend the period of the agreement, respectively the use of the car, only upon receipt of written confirmation by the OWNER and after payment within 24 hours of the obligation for extension according to the current price list. The OWNER reserves the right to refuse the extension of the agreement.
If the RENTER has not received a written confirmation for extension of the agreement by the OWNER and delays the return of the car, he/she shall owe a fee calculated according to the official price list. 

Discounts and special offers for regular customers

  • For Second car hire - 3% discount from the rent per day;
  • For Third car hire - 5% discount from the rent per day; 
  • For Fifth car hire - 10% discount from the rent per day; 
  • For Seventh car hire - 15% discount from the rent per day; 

Discounts are not available for promotional prices and can not be combined with promotions and other offers! 

Conditions for traveling abroad with rental cars from “EDI RENT A CAR BULGARIA”

If you want to travel abroad with a car rental from "Edi Rent a Car Bulgaria", this is possible, but only after prior request and approval. There are special rules that apply when traveling to other countries. You will need to have additional travel documents, a power of attorney, extended insurance coverage, and a double guarantee deposit. You can do this in the process of your reservation and we will give you the opportunity to travel outside the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria. You can visit a neighboring country, the fee that will be added to your reservation for this will be in the amount of 70.00 €. When visiting more than one country, you need to contact our team, which will prepare an individual offer for your trip. Some destinations are not allowed and there may be restrictions. All drivers must send us via e-mail their Passport / Identity Card + Driver's License, no later than 3 working days before the start of the rental period. The renter is obliged to pay a guarantee deposit in double amount, specified when signing the car rental agreement. The price may vary depending on the class of car, the countries to be visited, as well as the documents provided for driving license. Only factory new and warranty cars offered by our company travel abroad. Low-cost and budget cars can travel abroad, however, they do not have an option for car assistance, servicing, as well as coverage for technical malfunctions that can occur outside the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria. For specific prices and individual offers, please make an inquiry through our online form. 

Payment Method, Prices

Credit cards Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Borica, cash, Pay Pal, ePay, or bank transfer are accepted. Card payments are made in BGN at the BNB exchange rate. 

When renting, there is a mandatory authorization of a guarantee deposit via a credit card - the amount depends on the class of the car. The bank card must be valid at least until the end of the rental period. 

The full rental price for the car shall be paid at the time of receiving the car and signing of the handover protocol. The deposit shall be provided by credit card authorization in the name of the Renter, the Additional Driver or the Cardholder. The Renter may provide a cash deposit only for certain classes of cars, with the express consent of the Owner, but in this case the deposit shall be in a double amount. The amount in cash is stored in safekeeping in the office of the Owner.

In case of a road accident, damage or theft of the car, the amounts paid under the car rental agreement shall not be reimbursed, except for the amounts left unused to cover losses of the Owner.

The rental price does not include operating costs related to the use of the rental car during the rental period, which are paid by the Renter, as well as: 

  • upon returning the car with not full tank, the Renter shall pay the missing fuel and an administrative fee according to the official price list 

Upon delivery of a replacement car in case of a road accident, damage or theft of the main car under the agreement, the Renter shall pay the costs of delivery, according to the official price list. The Renter has the right to only one replacement car, except for the cases of technical failure.

The rental price does not include fines and sanctions imposed during the use of the car for infringement with the Road Traffic Act of the Republic of Bulgaria (RTA) or other violations under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

Car Warranty Deposit

Upon receipt of the car, the RENTER provides the OWNER with a deposit specified in the agreement, which guarantees the bona fide performance of the RENTER's obligations under the agreements and serves to compensate the OWNER for damages caused to the rental car and occurred during the agreement to cover additional costs incurred during the period of possession the rental car by the RENTER. Upon returning the car by the RENTER without delay and under the conditions of correct use, without damages and missing items, the deposit shall be refunded in full.

In case the RENTER has not fulfilled any of its obligations and responsibilities under the agreement, the OWNER is entitled to keep the entire deposit or such part of it, necessary to cover the costs of repairing the damages, as well as compensation for the car stay. The retention of the deposit by the OWNER in the above cases shall not cancel the liability of the RENTER to pay compensations for the damages suffered by the OWNER in an amount exceeding the value of the deposit.

/ CARDHOLDER has provided credit card details and the deposit is authorized by this card, they give their irrevocable and unconditional consent to the OWNER, after and if they has fully utilized the deposit in the cases provided for in the agreement, even after its completion, to withdraw amounts exceeding the deposit and the signature placed on the first page of the car rental agreement in the authorization form will be considered placed on the POS-terminal statements. The provided card must be valid until the end of the rental period; otherwise the OWNER is not responsible for refund of the deposit. In the event of a change in the data provided on the payment card or such change was required by a bank servicing the RENTER / CARDHOLDER, the latter shall inform the OWNER within 24 hours about the change. The OWNER does not need to request additional consent for additional payments from the cardholder in case of:

  • any failure under the agreement, for which compensations, penalties and fees are provided, according to an official price list or other legal or described in this agreement ground
  • collection of fees that have not been paid by the RENTER
  • additional costs for the OWNER, incurred during the period of possession of the rental car by the RENTER - fines for violation of traffic laws and rules and others 


All cars have a full car insurance option! However, it does not apply when there are damages to tires, wheels, rims, windscreen, and chassis, if not provided a police accident report and/or a document from the traffic police for damage and assistance from the tenant, as well as a mandatory return of the documents and car keys.

Please note!

The insurances of the rented car are not valid when driving after the use of alcohol, drugs and/or other intoxicants by the driver, as well as in case of non-compliance with the traffic law and/or driving outside the intended and permitted road infrastructure (Offroad). In the event of an accident, the renter owes the amount for full compensation of damages + lost benefits to the lessor for the respective service stay or the full insurance value of the car if the latter is total damage. In case of presentation of an accident report from which it is evident that the driver has used alcohol, drugs, opiates and/or has provided the rented car to a person who is not authorized in the rental agreement, the renter is obliged to pay all direct and indirect costs related to the respective case! 

In case the client does not provide the required by the insurer documents - protocol for a traffic accident (from the Traffic Police), the renter must pay the full amount of damages on an invoice issued by the service of the landlord for their recovery. In case the client does not provide the necessary documents from the traffic police in case of theft or total damage to the car, the renter is responsible and pays the full insurance value of the car. The insurance does not cover interior damage, damage from smoking in the car, partial absences, loss of parts, damage or loss of accessories.

Fee for lost documents, damaged or lost car key, registration numbers, CD panel, etc. - the fee is  200€ for each one.

None of the above insurances releases the client from liability for damage (intentional or unintentional) to the car interior (upholstery, dashboard, seats, CD, USB, navigation, car accessories, car equipment, etc.). 


When returning the car with missing fuel, the customer pays the amount of missing fuel + administrative fee of 20.00 €, unless previously agreed between the parties to include a fee for "Prepaid fuel" in the contract. 

If the Renter has paid "Prepaid fuel" fee when renting the car and returns the car with some part of this fuel, the Owner does not owe a refund for the unused fuel. 

One-way rentals

If the rented car is returned to another city or office, without prior agreement, from "EDI Rent A Car" it is possible to charge an additional fee of BGN 1.50 / km from the point of return to the point of rental of the car.

After a previously made and confirmed reservation, it is possible to deliver a car to any point in Bulgaria and to release it there as well. 

Additional driver

All conditions that the main tenant needs to meet are mandatory!

Additional Equipment

Available - Baby/child seat, Lift, Snow chains, GPS navigation, accessories, and more. 

Overtime rental

When renting/returning a car outside working hours, it is possible after a pre-made and confirmed reservation. In this case, an additional fee applies. Our working hours are from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00, Sunday - day off. If you wish to rent a car outside the working hours, in the time range between 07:00 and 22:00, the fee is € 20.00. In the time range between 22:00 and 07:00, the additional fee will be € 30.00. On public holidays - Easter, Christmas (24.12, 25.12, 26.12), New Year (31.12, 01.01) a fee is applied - from 09:00 to 18:00 - 30.00 €; from 18:00 to 09:00 - 50.00 €. 

Mandatory Equipment in the car

EDI Rent a car offers car rental with the following equipment:

Spare tire with key and jack, Fire extinguisher, First aid kit, Reflective triangle, Reflective vest.

Car class guarantee

All the cars we offer are real. However, in the event of a breakdown or accident with the car you selected during the booking process when it is impossible to rent the particular model, we will replace it with a similar or higher class one. In case of impossibility to execute a specific reservation due to any possible circumstances, the advance payment made by the client will be refunded in full! 

Conditions for cancellation/change of reservation

Confirmed reservations can be canceled or changed up to 72 hours before the start of the rental period, free of charge. 

In case of cancellation/change of reservation, less than 72 hours before the start of the rental period, there is a fee of at least 20% of the final rental price for the period, but not less than the rental price of the car for 2 days (48 hours). 

For the months of June, July, and August, a change or cancellation of a reservation is possible up to a minimum of 7 (seven) days before the specified date and time for car rental. 

Non-appearance - "No Show" 
In case the Tenant does not show up for the reservation within 1 hour after the agreed time for the rent, the reservation is considered canceled and the prepaid amount is withheld in full. In all cases of non-appearance, when the car is not canceled in advance according to the conditions, the amounts paid by the renter are not refundable and the reservation is canceled and the car is free fr rent. 
We consider the cases of non-appearance as
  • The renter wishes to cancel/change his reservation but has not notified in a written form before the rental starts 
  • Due to any circumstances, the renter is unable to rent the car at the agreed day and time and has not notified us. Exceptions, in this case, are tenants who have indicated that they arrive with a flight and have provided its number, and their delay is due to a delay in their flight 
  • Fails to provide a valid ID card, driver's license + control coupon to it, Valid passport, International driver's license, and any other documents required when renting the car under the law of the Republic of Bulgaria 
  • Does not have enough funds to pay the full price of the reservation and/or is not able to leave a deposit for the car according to the conditions for the respective class, does not have enough cash in the Credit card, and/or does not allow authorization and/or payment, the renter is not the owner of the Credit card and there is no physical presence of the holder. 

Refund of advance payment upon booking

Making an advanced prepayment for a reservation through the site, which is not previously confirmed by e-mail and reservation voucher, does not guarantee 100% realization! When a reservation is made for immediate realization during non-working hours, weekends, holidays, and absences, it will be refused, except in cases when it is confirmed by an email + reservation voucher from the team of "EDI Rent A Car Bulgaria". Please have in mind the fact that this is an internet platform with a hosting service and artificial intelligence. There may be duplication, delay, or temporary disruption of the Internet connection, which can lead to the occurrence of an impediment, which will be the reason for the impossibility of the reservation. In the event of such, not allowing a specific reservation, due to reasons beyond our control, the advance payment made by the client will be refunded in full! 

Technical damage to the car

The OWNER shall provide a replacement car of a similar or higher class, if the RENTER so wishes, within 3 business days in case of any technical damage to the main car due to a factory defect or natural deterioration of the car, provided that all other conditions of the agreement have been complied with.
In case of replacement of the car, carried out in connection with a technical malfunction, the OWNER shall extend the period of the agreement by as much time as the provision of the replacement car has been delayed. In case the RENTER refuses the replacement car, the difference for the actually unused and paid rental days is refunded. 

Privacy Policy 

The privacy and security of our customers' personal data have always been important for us. For this reason, we have created this unified Privacy Policy that covers the way we collect, use, store, disclose and delete, or generally "process" your data. The Single Privacy Policy allows us to ensure an equally high level of protection for all users of Your data provided during the creation of an account will be recorded in a single database of the Company and granting consent to the General Terms and Conditions. 

Collection and use of personal data 

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify a person. Personal information may be requested every time you contact us or our partners to view the provision of our products and services. Only subject to this Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy all applicable legal provisions The Administrator and his / her partners may share this information with each other and use it. Your personal data is processed only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU, only for the duration and for the purposes for which they were provided.

What personal data we collect 

When making a reservation online, etc., we can collect different types of information, including, but not limited to, name, surname, postal address, date of birth, telephone number, email, preferred way of communication, preferred payment method, etc. In cases where certain documents, such as an invoice, need to be issued, additional data may be required in accordance with regulatory requirements. We store a booking history. 

How we use personal information

We process your personal information to fulfill our obligations as a party to the processing of your reservation. We may periodically use them to send important messages such as bookings notifications, changes to the Terms of Service, or other policies. In case you have agreed, we process your data to inform you of up-to-date promotions and promotions. Once requested, consent may be withdrawn at any time. In case you have agreed to participate in certain events (contest, lottery, games, etc.) we process the data you provide to us to administer these activities. 

Disclosure to third parties

In certain cases, in order to fulfill our obligations under contracts or legal agreements entered with you, we need or will be obliged to disclose personal data provided to you by our partners (eg transport, courier, service, assembly, financial institutions, insurers, etc.) or to competent authorities. The website stores cookies and log files in order to personalize and improve its services. Tools like Google Analytics and others are also used. with the help of which can easily track and monitor for the behavior of their users. In certain cases, in order to fulfill our obligations under contracts or legal agreement with you, we are required or will be obliged to disclose personal information provided by you to our partners (eg transport, courier, service, assemblers, financial institutions, insurers, etc.) or to competent authorities. 


The administrator takes precautions including administrative, technical, and physical measures to protect your personal data from loss, theft, and misuse, and from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. When posting in forums, chat rooms, or social networking services, the personal information you share is visible to other users and can be read, collected, or used by them. In such cases, you are responsible for the personal information you choose to provide.

Data integrity and retention

We will hold your personal data for a period necessary to meet the specific purpose for which they are processed, after which they will be deleted unless a legal act requires us to keep them for a longer period. 

Personal data subject

You can check the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of your personal data by sending us a request to If you wish to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, request a correction, object to processing, or request that your data be deleted ("the right to be forgotten"), you should send a request to that effect by email to In order to avoid abuse, requests with the above content will only be considered if they are sent from the email used to make a reservation while retaining the right to request additional data to establish the identity of the requestor and the subject of the data to which it relates. Promotional offers from us We may use your personal details, contact, technical information, usage, and account data to judge and offer you only what you are interested in. You can opt-out of marketing messages at any time, with links at the bottom of them. You will receive marketing communications from us if you have requested information from us or you have purchased a product or service from us and in any case you have not waived this marketing. Requests for personal data submitted will be answered within one month, and if you need to extend the deadline, you will be informed of the extension and of the reasons for the delay. We may refuse to process requests that are unreasonably duplicated or threaten the privacy of other users. In any case, you have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commission,, Sofia 1592, "Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov. 


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