Additional extras offered by EDI Rent a Car Plovdiv Bulgaria

Except for uncompromising service quality, safety and security when travelling by our cars, Edi Rent a Car can offer you additional extras to your rental car, which would be useful for your comfort.

·       Child car seat
In order to create greater security in the journey of your children, Edi Rent a Car offers as an additional extra to your rental car - a child car seat for children up to 10 kg, a child car seat for children between 9 kg and 18 kg, and a booster for children between 15 kg and 36 kg Choose what is most suitable for your comfort when travelling

·       Road map
Edi Rent a Car offers its customers road maps for Bulgaria and abroad, that you will receive free of charge and they will help you for easier guidance during your travel

·       GPS navigation
In order to facilitate you significantly during your trip, Edi Rent a Car offers as optional extra GPS navigation. With their compact dimensions and equipped with the most detailed maps of Bulgaria and abroad, our navigations will be your indispensable assistant

·       Snow chains
If you have planned your trip with a rental car during the winter season in Bulgaria or abroad, so as not to be surprised with the snow, being unprepared, Edi Rent a Car recommends you to add snow chains as an additional extra, which will make your driving easier in winter conditions

·        Autobox (a rooftop cargo box)
When you plan your travel with a rental car and need more space for your luggage, we offer you extra high-quality autoboxes with excellent aerodynamics, with different, up to 900 liters, capacity and load capacity, depending on your needs